Obedience, manners, correction of behavioral issues. Daycare for dogs in our training program.



Customized program for you and your dog to fit your needs like PTSD, Wheelchair, Bracing.


World champion trainers right in your backyard!


Here at ACC our goal is to give you exactly what you need for you and your dog! Here are our main options for you to review. These packages are totally dependent on your dog’s character and temperament. Upon evaluation we will advise you which package is appropriate for your situation.

Golden Child

1 week Board/Train. This package is for the friendly dog who is already fitting into your lifestyle except for minor behavioral issue or they need better leash skills for example. Within this program we will focus on Leash walking and or 1 behavior you want to improve. This includes a thorough go home lesson and phone support. Additional private or group lessons will be charged either per lesson or whatever current packages are available at the time. Dogs must be evaluated to qualify for this package. No training tools are included in this package. Dogs who are not a good fit for this package are:

  • *Dogs with reactivity or aggression issues (dogs with aggression issues will only be considered for minimum 3 week program and must be evaluated.
  • Dogs who are skittish or extremely shy or fearful. These dogs require a bonding period with us therefore training most likely will exceed the 1 week time frame. We will not rush or force a dog to comply. They must trust us in order for training to be effective.

Dream Dog

2 week ON LEASH ONLY Board/Train. This package includes On Leash walking,Basic Commands, Place and limited behavioral modification. This is a good fit for you if you live in a condo or apartment or only ever have your dog on leash. We will teach you how to control your dogs in the house and deal with unwanted behaviors like counter surfing, invitation to come on furniture, when guest come over etc. This program includes a thorough go home lesson, lifetime phone support and follow ups or refreshers at our facility. In these follow ups we will be able to work scenarios or situations you need to practice for your particular needs. Training tools are included in this package.
Dogs who are not a good fit for this package are:

  • *Dogs with reactivity or aggression issues (dogs with aggression issues will only be considered for minimum 3 week program and must be evaluated.


3 week ON/OFF LEASH Board/Train. This package includes On AND OFF Leash walking,Basic Commands, Recalls, Place and behavioral modification, a thorough go home lesson, lifetime phone support and follow ups or refreshers at our facility. In these follow ups we will be able to work scenarios or situations you need to practice for your particular needs. This is a complete training foundation of the skills you need to enjoy your dog to the fullest. This package is a good fit for you if you are active and want to take your dog with you on adventures and have off leash freedom. Going to the beach or hiking with your dog will be a pleasure. If you simply want to have your dog loose in your yard and not worry where he/ she is. This is our best and favorite program. Once we set the foundation for you. It is up to you to maintain and solidify the training to fit your lifestyle and needs. We stay with you for the life of your dog! You will have a 2-3 week learning curve to understand how to connect with your dog so it is important that you stay in touch with us, send us videos and ask questions in order for this process to go smoothly.
Training tools are included in this package.


We’ve launched with Klarna to bring you flexible payment options at checkout. Not ready to pay all at once? No problem. Use Financing so you can get everything you want now and pay over time.

It is possible to customize a program for your particular budget within reason, we try to help everyone. This depends on how severe your issues are and you must bring your dog in for an evaluation. Usually we will charge by the “behavior” for these situations.

*Dogs with a BITE HISTORY will require an in person evaluation and will be considered at a STARTING point of $6000.00 (upon evaluation we will provide you with a time frame and estimate). Depending on the severity and character and temperament we may choose not to accept your dog into our program

  • All training is NON REFUNDABLE
  • We want you to have success so staying in touch with us is imperative!
  • We guarantee the dog will respond within the parameters in which we trained them. But can not guarantee you as owners will follow the instructions or guidelines. Dogs will not understand or be able to respond correctly if the owners do not take the time to develop the necessary skills needed.
  • All tools are included in the 2 and 3 +week programs only. This includes leash, collar, e-collar and place bed
  • E-collars are not used by us to train your dog, they are paired with corrections later in the training so the owners can remain invisible during a correction process. These are muscle stimulation collars that allow you to communicate to the dog that they are doing something wrong without you involving yourself emotionally. If you invest time into the training and listen to us you can eventually get rid of these tools!


This is how is works:

In 2-3 wks all we can do is set the foundation. It doesn’t matter if we have a dog for 1 year.

Ultimately if the owner doesn’t put in the reps and work required, no amount of training matters, remember, we are not training these dogs for us…. What matters through teaching the dog the understanding of right and wrong, we teach them how to avoid getting corrected so THEY can choose. Then, we educate the owners THIS IS where the real training takes place. We offer lifetime support (text, phone, video critique and refreshers at ACC)

Good habits take months and thousands of reps with consistency. Training ONLY transfers if owners uphold the law and enforce commands and behaviors!!! We did not invent how animals learn and think, we just figured out how to communicate with them on their level.

Allow us to show you how smart your dog really is AND give you a means of communication. Currently, your dog is living in a foreign country and does not understand the language, therefore, they’re making up their own rules!

All Training packages require a NON REFUNDABLE Deposit of $500.00 upon booking. Even in the event your dog becomes sick injured or passes away before training. We only reserve a certain amount of training spots each month. We will however honor your deposit or put it towards boarding credit for the future. All Training packages are also non- refundable even if you decide to pull your dog before their go home date. In the event they become sick or injured during training, we will advise you and honor the training package at a later date.

We do not offer in-home training or private lessons for pet dogs.
Prices vary depending on each situation. CLICK HERE to contact us for a quote.

What Your Dog Will Be Doing While They Are Here

Day 1. Orientation

This first day is for adjusting to being in the kennels. We will be hand walking them and getting acquainted with ourselves and staff members. You most likely will receive a wellness update the next day. To know that your pup settled in nicely. We do everything in our control to make them feel comfortable

Day 2. Training begins

Your dog will start their first training session off with some feel good time with Fabian or Gina with a little training introduction. This is where your dog tells us who they are and which direction to go regarding training techniques. Just as we are all individuals, so are dogs! We take great care in making sure we provide your dog with the correct training for them.


Once we have established a connection with your dog they will be spending the first week in training learning to follow leash pressure as well as learning how to gets”connected “ to their handler. (Any behavior modification usually begins in this phase)


This is where your dog will perfect their ON leash skills. You will most likely receive a video on your dog showing off these skills.


OFF leash begins. This is where your dog actually learns their name while we connect it with the COME command! Here is also where we blend together the ON/OFF leash training and put in tons of reps under distractions. You will receive video clips of your Rockstar Pup showing off what they learned. We will be seeing you at the end of this week to teach you how to work the program!

We do our best to send updates and photos or videos. But please know that with our busy schedule it will most likely be towards the end of the training for videos. We don’t mind if you check in occasionally, but please wait for us to send you updates as we are very busy giving each dog the same amount of attention which fills up our days. Your dog is getting out about 6 times per day as well as being thoroughly checked daily for any abnormalities, injuries or changes in habits. We receive twice daily photo wellness checks from our staff on top of us handling your dog daily. We even get poop consistency reports. We are equipped to handle minor tummy upset or allergic reactions. And will notify you before medicating your dog. Your dog is also receiving baths and light grooming while they are here as needed which helps you guys out for vet and groomer visits. We take the responsibility of caring for your beloved pets very seriously and try to make the owners as comfortable as possible with leaving them in our care.



We are conveniently located in Palm City / Stuart, Florida. Our 10 acre private property – dedicated to our four legged friends – is right between I-95 and the Turnpike. Call us or send us a message to discuss the plans you have for your dog and to provide you with a training proposal tailored to your needs.


For quicker response text or call 678-521-7471 (cell)