You must have an appointment for Pick up and Drop off times! Please be punctual! Failure to do so Or a late arrival may result in longer wait times. Our staff plans cleaning and taking care of dogs around appointments and can not do check in/outs until they are finished with a task. We run a tight ship to ensure each dog receives proper care. If you are a new client, or we haven’t seen you in a while. You must fill out our one time online registration and keep a deposit on file.


Drop-off/Pick-up times are Monday- Saturday: 8:00-11:00am / 4:00-7:00pm. Closed to public on Sundays.


$60 per day / per dog
  • 5-6 let-outs per day.
  • A $100 deposit on file per dog is required. This will be used as a cancellation fee for any future bookings.

Agressive Dogs

$100 per day / per dog
  • 5-6 let-outs per day. Limited stay only.
  • A $100 deposit on file per dog is required. This will be used as a cancellation fee for any future bookings.


Other than mandatory baths, please specify at drop off if you would like your dog bathed before it goes home. If a dog soils themself while here they will receive a mandatory bath. We will be taking reservations for bath and blow outs on a regular basis now. Non-boarding dogs by appointment only. No formal haircut grooming at this time.

House Food
Chew Hoof
Dog Walk
Play Session
Paddock Time
$10 day
  • + supply expense
Bath / Blowout
$50 session
  • Short Coat
Bath / Blowout
$80 session
  • Long/Curly Coat
Nail Trim
$15 session
  • If possible
Vitamin Supplement
$1 wafer
  • We recommend daily for dogs who may get stressed during boarding
Dematting Process
$100 hour
  • Process and can take up to 3 hrs or split sessions + sanitary cut at $75

ACC Graduates Only

Working Session
$40 per day / per dog
  • Pick the amount of desired sessions per day

Ask about our 0 to 100 program!


Drop Off & Pick Up

Drop off times are 8:00-11:00 am or 4:00-7:00 PM. Check out is 11 am to avoid an additional day charge no pick ups or drop offs on Sunday. PLEASE specify a time within these parameters and let us know if there are any changes. We are a private facility and may have conflicting schedules if not aware of your arrival. We supply all bowls, beds and anything else your dog needs. Please leave those items as well as toys at home.

Our address is:
3155 SW 78th Ave
Palm City, FL 34990



Prepare food per meal in separate ziplock baggies, our staff is happy to do it for you for a $20 charge which will be automatically added to your bill. (We require this to avoid errors in feeding) you may bring chew toys. NO TENNIS BALLS OR SMALL BALLS (choking hazard) they will be thrown out immediately. We have Kuranda beds but You may also bring a bed or blanket if your dog is not destructive. Send items you don’t care if you get back. Toys and blankets get easily lost or misplaced or will get thrown out if damaged.

Training Sessions (ACC Graduates only)

You may opt to have your dog worked while they are here, which would consist of repetition of everything they learned in their obedience training on a nice long walk or excursion off leash around our property for an additional pet day/ dog handling fee. Please specify how many sessions you would like.

For ACC Graduates Only

$100/day boarding/ sessions (pick the amount of sessions those days you will be charged $100)
$1400/ week training refresher (If you’ve really dropped the ball and your dog is showing conflict or confusion, he/she may need a full week of re-clarification)


Please do not bring any equipment like e collars or prong collars. (We will use our equipment if we are working your dogs). These items get lost to easily. Boarding dogs are not in training. However, Keep those items in your car so you have them at pick up. If your dog is here for boarding only, they will receive about 5-6 let outs per day. We are not a doggie daycare so we do not offer play groups. If your dog is trustworthy, you may request for them to have time slots in one of our grassy paddocks which have lots of shade. All add ons are in the menu pricing..

Health & Safety

MAKE SURE YOUR DOG IS HEALTHY! If you bring your dog and it is coughing or noticeably ill, we WILL NOT accept your dog. We take every precaution to make sure the dogs are safe and not at risk from catching diseases or parasites so we depend on the owners to have the same courtesy. Dogs must be UTD with their vaccines especially Bordatella, DHPP and Rabies. DOGS MUST BE ON FLEA AND TICK PREVENTION and have a NEGATIVE fecal within 1 month of boarding. We do everything possible to keep your dogs safe!


  • Rabies – Your veterinarian will recommend a one-year or three-year vaccination. Either one is acceptable for boarding.
  • Bordetella – Kennel cough can be spread very quickly in boarding facilities, much like a virus in a child’s day care or school. Kennel cough is airborne, so just one sneeze can spread the virus to other dogs.
  • DHPP – This is your dog’s annual booster shot. It protects against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and parainfluenza.
  • Canine Influenza – A highly contagious virus, the dog flu can be spread through objects, like water bowls, dog beds, and toys. It can also be spread by people who have been in contact with other dogs. Even if your boarding facility doesn’t require the canine influenza vaccine, it is highly recommended that you have your dog vaccinated anyway.
  • Flea, tick, Heartworm Preventative – If your pet will be due for preventatives while in the boarding facility, you can request the staff administer the preventatives to make sure your pet is protected while you are away.
  • Leptospirosis – This is a bacterial infection that is spread to dogs through soil, water, and urine of infected animals. It can also be spread to people. While it may not be a part of your regular vaccinations, talk to your veterinarian to see if you should vaccinate your dog before boarding.


Our preferred pet insurance company is Pets Best! Not mandatory but an excellent way to have peace of mind when owning dogs! Click Here to get a free quote today.


If you are a new client, or we haven’t seen you in a while. Please fill out our online registration. Please provide all of your dogs information here so we may store it in our database which will make for easy Booking for Boarding and email updates in the future.



We’ve launched with Klarna to bring you flexible payment options at checkout. Not ready to pay all at once? No problem. Use Financing so you can get everything you want now and pay over time.

We will be taking reservations for bath and blow-outs on a regular basis now.
Non-boarding dogs by appointment only. CLICK HERE to contact us for a quote.



We are conveniently located in Palm City / Stuart, Florida. Our 10 acre private property – dedicated to our four legged friends – is right between I-95 and the Turnpike. Call us or send us a message to discuss the plans you have for your dog and to provide you with a training proposal tailored to your needs.